Growlr App Reviews for Gay Daddy and Gay men

Growlr app for gay men can be considered as a safe and secure gay dating app available for people to have a try. It is not just limited to chats. Instead, Growlr app also offers live streaming capabilities. Due to this reason, members will be able to communicate with their gay dating partners in a realistic way.

Growlr app is the first gay video chatting platform. Due to this reason, it has become extremely popular among users. The innovative concept has received attention from people who live in every corner of the world as well. This gay hookup app offers something for every person. In other words, people can think about using Growlr app to find a gay dating partner, a friend or just a play date. The member base of this app is impressive and the chance of finding someone who matches with your preferences is extremely high.

As mentioned earlier, Growlr app is a safe gay social app. Therefore, members can video chat with others on this platform without keeping any doubts on mind. Identity of all members who sign up with the gay dating app would be kept anonymous. Therefore, all members will be able to use the features offered by Growlr app without going through any stress.

Another impressive fact about Growlr app is that it has zero tolerance for stalking, bullying and usage of abusive language. In other words, it would not be possible for the members to share live streams that depict sex acts or nudity. Due to this reason, all the members are strongly encouraged to play safe while using the features offered by this gay app. If a member is caught violating the terms and conditions of the app, profile would be banned immediately. This method has created a friendly community within the app, where any person can browse and look for a partner with peace of mind.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Minimum steps for registration are offered by Growlr app. You just need to press a few buttons to create your own account on this gay app. However, all members are strongly encouraged to fill up their profiles with details as much as possible in order to get the best out of this app. Otherwise; the chances of finding a perfect gay dating partner would be minimized. In other words, information included in the profile can contribute a lot towards the success at Growlr app gay dating app.


User interactions in Growlr app are supported by an innovative technology. It is extremely easy to find a new partner to chat and initiate the communications via Growlr app. If you don’t like a specific person that you chat with, you just need to select the Next button. Then you will be connected to another person to chat. It is possible for the users of Growlr app to filter their searches based on specific role. This is one of the most outstanding features, which can assist the members to get to know the perfect dating partner within the shortest possible time.

Key Features

Ability to find members with ease can be considered as the most prominent feature offered by Growlr app. On the other hand, this dating platform is backed up with the unique video streaming capabilities. The filters provided by this gay dating app for men are impressive and it can provide an excellent assistance to any person. Public chat rooms can also be found on this app. After joining a public chat room, it is possible to initiate the live stream as well. Earning diamonds is another unique feature that is facilitated by Growlr app. Users can simply earn diamonds on the app and they can also be given to other users based on preferences.

Hiv Positive Gay

Growlr app is not for HIV positve gay men, so you can try to join the special gay HIV dating website if you are a positive gay guy.