What to do to make him like you?

There are some etiquettes and rules when it comes to growlr gay dating. Weather you are straight or growlr gay these things tips will always come in handy. If you are in a relationship or want to pursue a guy reading this article will help you get going. There are no fixed rules in dating. But putting efforts can help you a great deal and avoid you to make common mistakes.

Don’t stalk too much
Staling anyone takes a lot of time and effort. You are constantly thinking about them. You may exaggerate even little things and make a big deal out of it. It is normal if you saw a person for the first time ans are curious to know more about them. But don’t steal them too much as it may become a habitual habit and you may start overthinking. Don’t let them know that you look them up as it will make you look like a creep in their eyes. No one ever likes getting stalked.

Keep it cool
If you are in a start of a relationship or pursuing each other , you want to keep it cool. Text them but don’t text them too much. Ask them questions about their life but avoid getting too personal. If you give them space you look like a cool and confident person who don’t have insecurities. Give them time to reply to your texts. Don’t be too clingy.

Be optimistic
Be positive in your conversations. People are attracted to positivity. Nagging all the time is annoying. They may already be tired of their work. Your optimistic talk can be very refreshing for them. Send them sweet good morning and good night messages. In this way they will know that you are thinking of them.

Love yourself
If you don’t love yourself who will ? You must give yourself all the love you deserve. Make your life beautiful. Try to look as good as possible. It not about your looks but how you feel. If you work on yourself you feel more attractive and sexy. Pamper yourself with spas etc. Always maintain yourself by following the chiches like drinking a lot of water , exercising daily etc. Always try to smile as you never know who may be falling for it. Take care of your health and diet. You will have more confidence and energy. Create an exciting life.

Enjoy single life
If you want to attract someone new life you must live it fully even when you are single. Take this time to rejuvenate yourself. Find your passion and put all efforts that you can to achieve it. Make a life that others want to be part of. make friend. Everyone wants to date a social , happy person. Also keeping busy will exhaust all your extra energy. You will have less time to worry about impressing someone. You will have overall positive outlook on things. A clear mind is good for making good decisions.

Lastly you want to be with a person who nurtures you and adds value to your life.


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